Our Distinctives


What makes MRI distinctive?

1. Team: Team, Volunteers and Professionals

The MRI Team consists of self-supporting licensed and pastoral counselors and missionaries who provide daily ministry. Professionals are also available and provide consultation and/or counseling in personal, relational, educational, and financial matters. Non-professional volunteers make up a prayer team and provide support in a variety of areas.

2. Holistic

The scope of the MRI ministry is holistic. Needs are assessed in the spiritual, psychological, relational, and physical aspects of life. Then resources are matched, appropriate achievement objectives are identified, and strategies are implemented.

3. Intensive Week: 6-12 Hours

Typically persons who come to MRI for ministry experience an “intensive week” with 6-12 hours of individual, couple, and/or family work. Homework assignments are given, including reading, video viewing, reflection, and journaling.

4. Pastoral with Clinical Support

The MRI counseling focus is pastoral with a significant reliance on spiritual resources like prayer, the Word, and the Holy Spirit. Clinical resources such as testing and professional specialists are used as needed and appropriate.

5. Independent of Insurance

Financial support for the MRI ministry is independent of insurance funding. Sources include the team work funds, gifts of individuals and churches, and missionary contributions.

6. Financial

Fees are not assessed for ministry provided. However, contributions are encouraged. Ministry is never withheld for financial reasons.

7. Structured, Short Term with Evaluations

Short-term, goal-oriented counseling is typical. The counselors in conjunction with the counselee make a plan with established specific goals, schedule a minimum of a two-week time frame, with regular evaluations. These agreements may be continued by mutual consent between the team and the counselee.

8. Follow-Up Accountability

Counseling is viewed as a ministry which targets concerns or issues of renewal, healing, wholeness, and growth. When appropriate progress is made in these areas, accountability counseling for continued growth is established.

9. Missionary and Ministry Sensitive

The MRI team is experienced and highly sensitive to missionary and ministry life, needs, and concerns.

10. Facilitate Resources

The MRI ministry works diligently to facilitate resources that will assist guests in having a comfortable and worthwhile visit. Often reduced-rate housing, economical transportation, efficient scheduling, and other helps are provided.++