Our Mission


What is MRI?

Ministry Resources International is a mission-critical member care ministry that ministers in selective ways to vocational and volunteer ministry personnel.

What is MRI's Mission?

Our mission is to enhance the LIFE QUALITY, MINISTRY EFFECTIVENESS, and LONGEVITY of vocational ministry personnel.  
We provide member care services, networking connections, and support materials by:
  • Facilitating Resources
  • Providing Pastoral Counseling
  • Equipping Mentors
  • Helping Sending Churches
  • Encouraging Personal Growth and Leadership
  • Offering Workshops/Seminars
  • Building Strategic Partner Relationships

Why is Member Care Important?

Experience and research indicate that unrealistic ministry expectations, unproductive lifestyle and ministry coping skills, unhealthy relationships and unresolved background issues negatively impact ministry effectiveness and contribute to premature attrition. 


What are MRI's Commitments to You?

  • An intentional member care ministry helps prevent attrition and increases the life quality and effectiveness of ministry personnel.
  • Member care ministry is most effective when done in concert with others using shared resources.
  • The enormity of the harvest, the extent of need, and the limited amount of member care resources keep us motivated.
  • MRI is committed to network with other strategic ministries to provide quality stewardship for all resources.