Bringing Hope

The mission of the Northwest Ministry Network is "Bringing the hope of Jesus to our communities". We are carriers of that hope as ministers of the gospel, but there are times when the carriers of hope need hope themselves, and that is where MRAP and MRI come in. This ministry is a place of healing for the messengers of hope. The personal health of our ministers and missionaries is of high priority, and an obvious key to successful and fruitful ministry.

With that stated goal in mind, it has been our privilege to closely partner with Dr. Jack Rozell and his capable team at MRAP/MRI in Kirkland, WA. They have become our "go to" reference for ministers who need the kind of sound Biblically-based counseling and care that MRAP/MRI provides. This ministry is an invaluable resource to the work of the Northwest Ministry Network, and particularly to those who have personally benefitted from the quality training and care they offer.

If names could be mentioned, dozens of missionaries and ministers could be listed who have received critical care from MRAP/MRI. Some are self-referred, and others are directed or referred by Network Leadership. Many of them, through their own public testimonies, have indicated that without the care and support they received from Dr. Rozell and his team, their marriage and/or ministry may not have survived. In partnership with MRAP/MRI the Northwest Ministry Network has been able to fulfill our corporate vision to "strengthen and develop empowered leaders and churches."

We are committed to the work of MRAP/MRI and have enjoyed the benefits of partnership. We believe in MRAP/MRI enough to support the ministry on a regular basis as part of the Northwest Ministry Network budget. Our financial commitment to the ministry is an indicator of our conviction that this is a critical and necessary resource and their ability to provide these resources into the future must be ensured.

With Enthusiastic Support,
Donald Ross
Network Leader, Northwest Ministry Network