Headed for the Rocks

My husband and I are missionaries in a third world country and were having some pretty serious communication issues. We read MANY books, none of which helped us;  we also tried to get counseling while on furlough, but the counselor had no clue what to do to help us identify the problem. Providentially a friend mentioned the help MRAP/MRI had been to them, so we contacted them and they set us up to meet with them over a 2-week period. We were on furlough and constrained by a schedule, otherwise we both agree that three weeks would have been even more profitable. The counselors were such a help to us. They are very skilled in bringing  to light the problems which were underlying our conflict, and to help us with strategies to change. Just in the two weeks we spent counseling with them we saw huge leaps of improvement in our relationship. The team gave us so many practical tools for helping us progress in all areas—relationally, spiritually, psychologically, emotionally. They helped us to understand and recognize more easily how things like stress affect our relationship as well as our ability to minister effectively. One thing I particularly liked about their method is that they don’t do it for you, and because of that we were forced to identify the problems and come up with solutions, so essentially what they were doing was training us to help ourselves, and we really appreciated that. They gave us the tools to help ourselves, and helped us practice those skills so we would have a handle on using them once we left.
What really impressed us both is that all the staff were so caring and loving toward us. They have a heart to help hurting people. When we left we really felt like we were leaving good friends. They are true servants of God, giving of themselves in order that people like my husband and I are able to continue in ministry. 
We were in a bad way, headed for the rocks; they have not only turned us away from wrecking on those rocks, but have taught us how to handle rough seas in much more healthy and effective ways. One thing we learned is not to wait until problems are so severe that you are driven to get help; get help before things get really bad.
Words cannot express how thankful we are for everyone at MRAP/MRI. They gave us a priceless gift. The hope they instilled in us that the marriage difficulties we were having CAN be successfully addressed is beyond value. 
Missionaries in the Pacific Islands