Ministry to a Family


This is not a thank you card, it’s a hug with a fold in it. You guys have done so much to help our family and we are extremely thankful for everything you have taught us. We have grown so much as a family and through your help we have realized there is more to learn.
Missionaries to Muslims
After many years in overseas fieldwork, we sought a service that could best debrief our family transition back to the USA.  MRI staff were above our expectations.  They were caring, gracious and full of insight as they walked us through some healthy steps in learning to 'grieve well'.  We also learned from them some invaluable tools for healthy communication and decision making.  Our family is better for it.  Thank you MRI staff!  (Dad)
I feel like the MRI staff were not just walking us through a program, rather, they helped us navigate as we walk through some difficult transition.  Rather than grieving our past, I have more hope to look back with joy, celebrating what God has done.  With some new communication tools from MRI, I also feel more equipped to communicate with my teenage children. Thank you!  (Mom)
What I, as a teenager, really loved about MRI, was how, despite my age, I was taken seriously. And that even though I was younger, my story and my words were given just as much importance as my parents'. I loved sharing anecdotes with the staff and only wish I could have heard more. The skills they taught us were also really helpful, and somethings I hope to use in my life, down the road.  (Daughter, age 17)
As a teenager, I thought that going into MRI would be good for my family and that it would benefit us tremendously. That happened yes, but something happened I wasn't really thinking about..I benefitted as a lone individual. Not only was I taken seriously, but the fact that there were people to share certain things with that had been pent up inside me was a good feeling.  The life skills they taught us from decision making to biblical meditation are all things I plan to use in my future. (Son, age 14)